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Advertising Opportunities

SuTree offers a variety of advertising channels that will help you reach potential clients and users, which include: banners, sponsored video categories, sponsored videos and sponsored contests.

Whether you wish to increase the visibility of your brand, increase channel sales, or launch a new product or service - we’ll work with you to create an advertising package that meets your marketing objectives.
Banners help increase your visibility. Your banner is shown to all of SuTree's users and helps draw attention to your brand.
Sponsored video categories:
Build engagement around your brand and target your audience by sponsoring a learning category in any subject you prefer.
Sponsored videos:
When users watch a video they are often seeking information or guidance to carry out a task. This creates a unique opportunity for advertisers to provide these users with tools and services relevant to their need. Sponsored videos may be featured in our homepage, or in one of the categories.
Sponsored contests:
Contests help create interaction with your brand. The contests generate interest and require users to actively engage in them - which raises brand awareness.
To find out more about the commercial opportunities on SuTree, please contact us here.